Siphonic flush system
R&T dual flush mechanism
UF/PP seat cover
Required minimum 12” (305mm) rough-in
Includes chrome plated top flush actuator
27″x14-3/8″x28-1/8″ (685x365x715 mm)
Vitreous china.


Tank Cover
Top flush push button
Flush valve ana Fill valve
Installation screw and Wax ring
Toilet seat cover
Plastic cap

Codes & Standards

Codes: Uniform Plumbing Code (UPCO)
National Plumbing Code of Canaca

Standards: ASME A112.19.2-2013/CAS B45-13
including Update No. 1 dated October 2013
EPA WaterSense Specification for Tank-Type
Toilet (Version 1.2, dates 2014-06-02)